University of Pennsylvania Press

The City in the 21st Century: Urban Tomographies

Urban Tomographies

Martin H. Krieger

Los Angeles DWP Electrical Stations

Some Storefront Houses of Worship in Los Angeles

Urban Tomographies

Some (Mostly) Storefront Houses of Worship in Los Angeles


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Urban Tomographies is a book published by the University of Pennsylvania Press (you can order here, too), and also an ongoing project which the book surveys. I am interested in media documentation of the ordinary everyday life of cities. This site describes the book. For more on sound documentation and many sound examples go to here . I am interested in multiple images rather than a single iconic image (tomographic vs. iconic). Here is a video that explains our video-tomography project.

             I am a professor of planning at the University of Southern California, and can be reached at For more on me and my work, go to my site and also the book’s Preface on this site.

Martin Krieger

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